How to fly with light aircraft on a windy day

When I use 172 or xcub on a really windy condition, I tend to lose control and the aircraft just spin lol Even with rudder!

I watched on YouTube about crosswind takeoff and it said the ailerons will work when that takeoff.

What do you always do when you fly on that situation?

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Jus pray🙏🏾😂

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It’s just training mostly. Try to take off in solo with no winds. Then go up a few kts. If it works, add some more. That way you’ll learn how to use the rudder most efficiently.

Some planes you shouldn’t fly on a really windy day though. The XCub for example has a max crosswinds limit of 11kts if I remember correctly.


Flying into the wind will make everything so much easier if you don’t already. Just keep those feet moving on the rudder pedals and make slight minor adjustments. Know where you are in regards to your desired touch down point as that will help you make the right adjustments needed. Once again, slight corrections! 😉

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Also, the XCub only has a small crosswind maximum, so be careful you aren’t exceeding that

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