How to fly VOR approach with autopilot in Infinite Flight

I understand the concepts of navigating using VOR (radial, course, bearing, etc.)
and I know we can fly towards and away from VOR by setting CRS and using LNAV of autopilot in Infinite Flight.

But I want to know if there is a way to fly around the VOR at a specified distance in NM using autopilot.

Eg. Refer this VOR approach. The aircraft flies at a fixed distance until reaching certain radial and then turns direct towards the VOR.

Is this a case where such feature is available in IRL aircraft’s autopilot but missing in Infinite Flight?


Very good question, I too am curious about this.

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Currently it’s not possible as IF only supports the most simple flight plan manager which is basically waypoint to waypoint. The more advanced ones like in real life can calculate with e.g. winds, speed and VOR distance.

That’s why so many SIDs and STARs are displayed wrong, especially VOR based charts.

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To add on what @Georgios_P correctly wrote, the arch is not supported yet, but there is a guide on the final approach part, which I’ve linked below. Probably not what you are looking for, but maybe still worth a look:

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The IF Flightplan Tools site, in it’s flightplan editor, can create curved tracks that could substitute for DME following. Sorry I’m not sure how to get the link in here.

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You can try this tutorial as well, it’s an old Aegean Virtual explain video.

In fact, if LNAV is used, it is the equivalent of using GNSS for navigation. Although there is a VOR approach in the NDB, the data is for reference only (especially if the reference navigation station publishes coordinates plus bias). So it is more important to fly the VOR procedure with ADF instructions rather than simply following the LNAV.