How to fly the E175 Tutorial

The E175 is a regional workhorse that boasts an impressive range, passenger comfort, and predictable flight characteristics! Join me in the flight deck to learn how to fly the E-Jet and stick around until the end to hear from real-world E175 pilot and Community Moderator, @DeerCrusher.

Click below to learn how to fly the E175!


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Do you have any deers on the plane? 👀🦌

Looking forward to flying with the E-JET soon ✈️


No deers on the plane. But if you watch the video, there might be a surprise near the end of the vid. 👀


Just got done watching it. Amazing tutorial as always, looking forward improving my skills with the beautiful jet. ✈️

Have to say, the scenery approach in the video, simply amazing, looking forward to starting my pilot career in the upcoming years. 🫡


Wow you guys always put these out quick

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Wow you guys got a tutorial too!!!

They are recorded before release.

Typically a month or a little more than a month before release is when I start work on my profiles. I try to wait until the aircraft performance feels good. Once most of the physics bugs are worked out, is when I start working on my stuff. But I think Tyler does the same. These are done weeks prior to release. They’re then examined for accuracy and then come release date, we have tutorials ready. So there’s very little to no delay for you folks. 😎

Keeping people happy and not crashing so much helps alleviate the amount of “how do I” or “What do I do…” questions we see. And over the years, I think we’ve seen a declining trend in those topics/questions. So its definitely not a bad thing if we can have those addressed right at release with tutorials and documentation pre-made.


What trim would you recommend?

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I use about 15% for takeoff and roughly 35-40% for landing.

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Thank you!

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Just out of curiosity, does the APPR know that the optimum V-Rate on final is -800?

assuming the ERJ175 has APPR. Update is still installing for me.


The E175 does have APPR.

APPR follows the ILS - which averages -700-800 fpm depending on speed.

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Okay, sweet!

What’s the Maximum Speed for Mach from FL310-FL350 cause I can’t seem to find a perfect one

I’m currently cruising at Mach 0.8 at FL350

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Ah nice where you flying?

from KDFW to KCHA! It’s a flight that I fly on a regular basis in real life.

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Oh nice I’m flying KLGA KTVC La Guardia to Traverse city at FL310 at .81 but I wanna go higher and I just wasn’t sure what speed I should go to