How to fly the Airbus A340 ?

Ok, I have trouble again

A340 is hard to land and cruise on… When landing, landing is hard because loosing altitude is hard on the a340

Cruising is hard on the a340 because the nose always aims to the the ground and not centered like other planes cruising…

Please help me resolve


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The A340 is an old model and it need’s a rework


Yea the nose down flying has been and issue for awhile now it has never been fixed.

This is the site i use to pretend am flying the real deal ^^. Works great with older model aircraft.

It needs a rework, like said above, but for the landing, you just have to go slower. Ive never had a problem landing the a340


in my opinion even with the old model I get some joy out of the a340 when i fly it


I saw that people were having trouble landing it so I switched from my usually B777-200ER and used the A340 I was suprised as I flew it easily it’s quite easy to land I would say I struggle most with the Dash plane

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I found the A330, A340, A380 and B767 the easier to land.

Landing the A340 is easy for me I even used it for pattern work. It is just that it’s an old model so there is many flaws with it.

A340 needs to be reworked!

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Fly slower or higher. Nose will tilt up more the less airspeed you have.

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