How to fly the 787-10? Need help for the Takeoff & Landing

Hi !
I would like to know more about the V1 for the 787-10. How to fly it and the landing speed !
Any information is very important to me as i write it down and use it in flight and for my knowledge !
Thank’s guys

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Landing speed probably 142-146 knots. For me.


Flaps? . I usually flight from LAX to KNUC ( often pretty windy)

Well I usually use flaps 30.

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Just letting you know KNUC is a military airfield and a 787 wouldn’t fly there.


thank’s mate ! Waiting for some more answer to help me get better with the 787!

Thank’s for the precision ! But it’s not a problem flying it on Infinite Flight? ! :)

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Just letting you know ;)

I find it hilarious how many people are there on playground, but also expert where you would think people would understand that it’s a military field. Controlling it must be a nightmare.


Well lately I’ve seen way too many people on “expert” who have barely 20 flight hours so definitely take the server name with a grain of salt…

Hmm,depending in the weight,i think btw 140 and 170 is also a good option

170 is way too fast. Try to rotate between 140 and 150kts, depending on the weight. Dont overrotate. However the 7810 is very forgiving. Flaps 25 are mostly enough.

Oh trust me, I take it with more than a grain of salt. I just find it funny how people don’t realise that an airfield with a single narrow taxiway is large enough for their fleet of a380s.

Takeoff speed should be about 180 knots to 200 knots and landing speed is 160 knots to 150 knots.

25 for flaps for landing.

Had to fly in bad weather

For takeoff I use flaps 20 and with a V1 of around 170-180. For landing I use flaps full and land around 160-170. All of these are dependant on the local conditions.

Mark has made a tutorial for the 787-8:

He will also be making a tutorial for the -10 soon as well!

Hopefully this helps!

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