How to fly online/ link discord account?

How to fly online/ link discord account?


Tap “GET PRO” in the app and follow the instructions given :)
Once you have an active PRO subscription, the app will create an account which you’ll then be able to connect with both your Community profile as well as your Discord.

More information can be found here:


but when i go into settings accounts when i see Discord Account when i press nothing happens

and i really wannna fly online but it is black colour

black colour also

Do start with, do you have the Discord app installed on the device? That’s a requirement.
If yes, could you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

i do have it i will send screenshot later

You need a pro subscription. Tap “GET PRO”

uh discord account says exclusive access to our pro only server


Discord access is a PRO feature. Not sure where you’ve seen otherwise :)

bruh but it say exclusive accees to pro ony server


Where? Please share :)


under discord account

Yes, but you need to have PRO to get access to the server that is reserved for PRO-subscribers only.

hmm very confusing

it says
Discord Account
Link a Discord account to gain exclusive access to our Pro-only server

Yes, I understand how you interpret it but I can also say that you’re the first one that I’ve heard of to interpret it that way.

You can access in the discord server if you have a pro subscription

what u mean?