How to fly on long haul

I am new to infinite flight and was wondering how to fly long haul. For example if you want to fly at night, do I have to avoid active air spaces so I don’t get contacted? And do I make a frequency change from departure or do I fly to the destination with the start airport frequency?
Please help me and thank you in advance


When I do long flights and I am asleep in my callsign I write “AFK” so they know I’m away from the key board so that they know.

I personally would get off frequency once I’m away from the airport, no need to be on it since I’m not returning.


You dont have to do anything really just put your device in chrage and you should be okay

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  1. As long as you are at a sensible cruising altitude, you should be fine. As you are new to IF you are presumably not yet flying in Expert Server, where the IFATC know to check altitudes and flight plans of aircraft coming onto their radar screens before sending On Guard requests. On Training Server you may well get such requests from controllers who don’t entirely know what they are doing - those can be ignored.

  2. To help controllers, file a proper flight plan which ends with the node for your destination airport. For example, if flying to London Gatwick, make sure you select the EGKK airport node as your last, rather than one of the waypoints on the final approach.

  3. You should tune out of all frequencies - aside from meaning you won’t have ATC commands playing while you sleep, it is also a courtesy to the controller at the Tower or Departure frequency you have left the airspace of.

  4. As a general point, make sure you have enough fuel, fly at an appropriate altitude (not FL400 straight away), cruise at the speed your plane is meant to, and do not leave your device until you are in a stable cruise.

There have been several topics on the forum in the last few weeks with people asking questions about how to do long haul properly, or requesting help because their flight ran out of fuel/crashed. I would suggest reading the forum for a bit before you set out.


Just one to add, ATC will not contact you if you are above 18000 ft, so you won’t have any problems there ( that’s on the Expert server). If on the Training Server and someone try’s to contact you when you are above 18000ft then you can ignore them.


so do you have to sit in the cockpit for the entire flight in the expert server? or do you already know when is ATC going to give you instructions at high altitude?

No you don’t, IFATC arent supposed to on guard or vector aircraft above FL180 (18,000) feet as it’s out of their airspace. So, no you can be away from your device, just make sure you’re at a steady cruise above FL180.

My typical long haul starts with a departure from my airport and then during the climb to cruise, I’m checking fuel levels and making sure I have around an hour and a half on reserve (2 hours if I’m flying to tomorrow’s IFATC schedule). Once cruising I double check Altitude and fuel. I then plug my device in, turn the brightness down, make sure low power mode is ticked on in settings, and go to sleep.


Also pick your cruise altitude based on your flight heading (east vs west)… this is very important to avoid midair collisions…


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