How to fly in | Grade 3 |

I have made it to Grade 3


Can somebody tell my how to learn to fly in Grade 3
Can you tell me please the Grade 3 violations and Air traffic control

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Hello! I recommend viewing this content to better understand communication with ATC during your flights and to take care not to deal with violations: Introduction | Infinite Flight

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Thank you so much @Joao_Christ

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This topic, though it is a bit dated, is both somewhat comical and extremely resourceful. I suggest reading it in its entirety.

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No problem! Probably other people will also be able to recommend you other contents.

Thank you @Thunderbolt

There is a user guide to read
Otherwise it is pretty simple, there a simple things u need to know and u will be good. One thing that got me confused was the line up and wait and what that means. I didn’t know what it means, so I searched it in the user guide.

U just need to follow what the ATC tells you, like if he tells u to turn right heading like 200 u will have too do it.

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