How to fly holding pattern?

Today I was given “Hold over – airport, make right turns” by approach controller on Expert server.

How to fly in this holding pattern other than manual hand flying? IRL planes fly it automatically

Even if I use AP, and set new heading after every half circle, AP won’t bank more than 20° and deviates from the holding path as the turn is very sharp.


You have to hand fly it i believe, also, is that pink oval your addition or is that something that appears in game?

It appears in the game.

And yes, you have to manually change the heading yourself to go around the oval.

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This oval gets added to your map when ATC gives you instruction to “hold over some point”


Manually changing heading in AP isn’t enough because the turns are too tight and AP won’t bank(roll) the plane more than 20 degrees


Well then only disable the HDG autopilot, and handfly the turns. It’s quite fun to handfly.

You can start your turn a bit earlier and take it wider as well if you still want to use AP.


Oh that’s cool, thank you, I’ve never been put in a holding pattern before so I wouldn’t know.

How I deal with holding patterns is line up with the vertical lines and turn using the a/p just before the arc begins. This should work 90% of the time assuming you are at your assigned speed.

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If you don’t fly the hold exactly it’s okay, just fly it as accurately as you can. Also, the controller can’t even see the specific lines of the hold like you can be on your minimap, though they know the point you should be holding over and general area you should be

Just make sure to keep separation with other aircraft

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This is for Australia.

Straight legs 1min, turns 25 degrees or rate 1 whichever is lesser.

The approximate bank angle required to accomplish a coordinated rate one turn (3°/second) can be calculated by **dividing the TAS (in knots) by 10 and then adding 7.

But, I guess just follow the lines on the map.



I’ve tried issuing a hold to some aircraft to allow them to lose altitude if they are too high close to the airport & also if there is some congestion. But many pilots have no idea how to respond & end up responding in an unpredictable manner.

I’d like to suggest tutorials both for controllers for the circumstances under which a hold is issued & how it is to be done as well as for pilots teaching then how to respond to a hold issued by a controller.


This is some good info.
Exactly! When I bank 25-30° I am able to follow the holding pattern but with AP its not possible as it banks max of 20°

Also I think that feature to fly holding pattern automatically should be supported in IF just like planes fly holding pattern automatically IRL


isn’t it more fun to fly it in your own though

Captain Joe still explains it best !!!


I’d suggest just using altitude hold and speed hold. Turns manual.

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I find it fun to fly the turns myself, as the aircraft in If don’t turn very well and I always hand fly turns in holding patterns so I can get a nice neat and tight pattern

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I honestly have no idea how a perfect circle exists like that in the flight plan, so I’m glad you made this topic

Follow instructions given by ATC. They will say left or right turns. But I’m not sure how to do a holding pattern when no ATC are present. I would like to know

Idk why people don’t like to hand fly. You should be willing to take control of the plane at any time to adhere to instructions such as a hold especially from approach when many turns are going to be predicted during busy airspace.

Its been a while since i’ve flown one, but I believe the pink shape in the map is just a guidance. Approach doesn’t see it and I’m pretty sure it changes shape based on your plan lol… Just general circles in the general area told is fine :)

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