How to fly for one day (Multi-trip)?

@jakevaz423 I have an idea. Why don’t you find me a cheap multi city stop from MHT :). I’m curious to see what you’ll find

Do you want it all on southwest?

If it’s possible yes, Southwest for the win

Roger. I’ll start working on it in a little bit.

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By the way, does July 6th sound like a good day for this? @Daniel_Cerritos

Hey My school is literally right by KMHT Runway so yeah. One tip of advice is to also try to use JetBlue at BWI to MCO and then southwest back to MHT for cost reasons.

Your better option may be KMHT-KBDL(American)-KLGA(Southwest)-KMCO(Southwest)-KLGA or KEWR or KISP-KMHT(Southwest)

July 6th is fine. As long as it’s cheap lol

If you dont have any bags I can use the skiplag method to save you lots more

What are some cities of interest? @Daniel_Cerritos

You should surprise me :). I’m interested in any city :)

This is a very inefficient way to earn points. You’ll only get 5 segments out of this and less than 5,000 rapid rewards points… You need 25 segments and 35,000 for the lowest tier on southwest.

what is the most efficient way then?

Probably Jetblue out of KBOS

Credit card points.

There is no point for you to get status if you don’t fly a lot. It’s just a waste of money.

Get an AMEX Platinum has very very good travel benefits. INcluding $200 towards airlines. THere are some offers where the first year has no annual fee

That $200 credit is only towards fees like baggage, not actual airfare.

Actually theres a way to do it toward airline gift cards. Plus some offers spend $3000 get 60,000 pts and well its worth $1,140 in airline gift cards

The 60,000 points offer is called a sign up bonus…, not unique to the AMEX Plat

How about this?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Southwest 644 & Southwest 679 - 5:35am - MHT - BWI - CVG - $168
Southwest 2444 & Southwest 1838 - 12:25pm - CVG - MDW - DEN - $107
Southwest 424 - 5:00pm - DEN - SFO - $99
Southwest 2461 - 7:55pm - SFO - PHX - $99
JetBlue 136 - 10:09pm - PHX - JFK - $170

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

JetBlue 318 - 7:18am - JFK - BOS - $67
American 1410 - 9:12am - BOS - ORD - $111
United 4459 - 2:40pm - ORD - MHT - $167

Trip Total - $988

Though this trip is a little more expensive, I’ve made it so you visit 4 of the top 10 airports in North America, rated by SkyTrax. I could try weeding out a few airports if you want. Tell me what you think. :)