How to fly for one day (Multi-trip)?

Hi everyone!
I’ve been wanting to fly for fun, and I see people do these “Milk Runs” to earn points when flying to multiple cities.

I would like to do this:
All in one day (if possible).
I’d like to do it on Southwest, but do i have to do it in Multiple Airlines? I’d like to know, and tips when doing this is and how to enjoy it when flying it all in one go.

Thanks, and I hope to hear some answers :)


Well… when do you want these flights to happen? Do you have a specific day in mind? I can find flights for you. @Daniel_Cerritos

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Well, I’d have to be in the summer. Like, on a Tuesday or Friday

Ok. Hold on - I’ll get back to you in a little while

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Are you under 18? Looking to find flights but it asks if you are under 18

No, I’m 19 years old :)

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What time is the earliest you will depart?

5:30am or earlier. Even midnight is fine

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Travel agent @jakevaz423 hard at work.

Good stuff mate.


Ok, here you go. Hope I helped! :)

Friday, July 6, 2018

Southwest 644 - MHT - MDW - 5:45am - $166.98
Southwest 540 - MDW - LAS - 8:05am - $237.98
Southwest 2165 - LAS - PHX - 11:05am - $70.98
Southwest 190 - PHX - BWI - 2:15pm - $264.98
Southwest 2206 - BWI - MHT - 11:05pm - $95.98

Trip Total - $836.90
Depart - 7/6/18 - 5:45am
Arrive - 7/7/18 - 12:20am


Ho! That’s awesome! I’ll need to save up, I really want to get dem points lol. Thanks!


No problem! If you have any questions feel free to PM me. :)

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Sure! I will :). Thanks again! I hope I can have he cash by then (I should be able to)

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Actually, I have another one.
How about this:

This one is a bit interesting, since I’d be flying into another small airport :)

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Here you go. Hope I helped (again)! :)

Friday, July 6, 2018

Southwest 390 - MHT - BWI - 5:55am - $95.98
Southwest 528 - BWI - ISP - 7:30am - $168.98
Southwest 528 - ISP - MCO - 9:20am - $281.98
Southwest 2095 & Southwest 2128 - MCO - BWI - MHT - 12:50pm - $274.00

Trip Total - $820.94
Depart - 5:55am
Arrive - 6:55pm


I just realized the links don’t work… oh well.

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This one is actually a bit cheaper :). I think I’ll do this one first. Thanks a lot!


Note that the first set of flights is all nonstop, while the second set has a stop at BWI from MCO - MHT.

I saw, that’ll be interesting lol. I know that there is a Non-Stop fligh from MCO-MHT, but stopping at BWI three times will Be interesting :)

EDIT: never mind, it’s stopping at BWI twice, I misread lol

Yeah - The nonstop flight was too early. You arrived at 11:35 and the nonstop departed at 9:45. Or something like that.

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