How to fly circles in IF..?

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I often saw that some flew circles in IF and the fixes on their flightplan were:

Fix1; Fix2; Fix3; Fix4; Fix5; …

How can I do that ?

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Are you talking about a holding pattern? I would like to know too, at least on autopilot

Pattern ? No :D

Big circles ^^

I me

I mean this.

This is from another Topic i replied and asked how to do that 2 months ago but didnt get an answer … :/


Can you tell me ? : )

I can indeed.

Check out this website made by GHamz. You can set up circles there and find some other helpful stuff.


Thank you very much!
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Oh i just saw, it is called holding pattern : D
I didnt knew that…
Disregard my last message for you :/


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