How to fly an ILS B772

I have the 20.1 and I am struggling to fly an ILS approach. I do not know how to activate NAV1 in the new 772.
Any help will be appreciated.

APPR is the button, it’s to the right of LNAV. Should work the same as all of the other aircraft in regards to ILS approaches.

Oh, I though it made the aircraft descend as well.

Should be the same as other aircraft; the nav menus haven’t changed.

Tutorials for the 772ER will be posted on Youtube in due course.

In normal ILS the aircraft will remain at the selected altitude, wouldn’t it?

APPR will make the aircraft descend while sticking to the centre of the runway. Manually flying an ILS without APPR will only keep you on the centre of the runway, if you have it selected in the NAV menu, while you control the altitude using the guidance provided by the system.

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Whenever I flew an ILS before 20.1 was I would activate NAV 1 and not appr, so I would control the descend until on final. Perhaps that was the hard way. Thanks!

Yeah. That’s absolutely fine. APPR is the autoland feature and will even place the aircraft onto the runway if you don’t deactivate it before touching down.

Most pilots in IF like to tune into NAV1 for the lateral guidance and then control the descent themselves.

Does it mean I can’t do the second option in the new 772?

Both options should be available in the 772.

The B772 has the same systems as the other aircraft but VNAV is new, this depends using preset alts on the map. You can either use the A/P manually and adjust the alt or use APPR for approaches which flies the aircraft to the runway for you

NAV1 isn’t there only APPR

Nav 1, Nav 2 and GPS is under the tab above. ‘NAV’

Like, Chatta, said. Change the source to ‘Nav1’ under the ‘NAV’ tab and then activate LNAV.

LNAV is the same as NAV from the previous version.

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you don’t need to change to NAV1, by clicking APPR it automatically changes the Source from GPS to NAV1
VNAV and LNAV both works with GPS Source…


We’re on about if he didn’t want to use APPR to stick to the ILS.

When the source is selected as GPS, the LNAV will follow the flight plan you have created. To get LNAV to fly the ILS laterally, you need to tune the ILS for the runway into NAV1 and then change the nav source to NAV1 also.

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well, you can fly the ILS manually without changing the Source to NAV1… VNAV also works with GPS Source… you only need to change to NAV1 when you want the APPR do thenwork, and with 20.1 it changes the source automatically. however, for visual guidance on the PFD you need to switch to NAV1, thats true.

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Yeah, that’s what I was getting at; for the visual references on the instruments/HUD. :)

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