How to fly a (visual) pattern

For GA aircraft is pattern altitude 1500 ft AAL or lower?

1000 AGL for GA; 1500 commercial

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Thank you, very helpful indeed!

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Sorry to reply to an old thread, I am quite new to the forums. But when I am flying a traffic pattern, should I be flying the pattern around the entire airport or specifically the runway I would like to land on? Also, is there any way I can add a traffic pattern to my map in-game so AP can automatically follow it? Thank you for the awesome tutorial though!

You would be flying around the runway you’re landing on. In the diagram at the top of the post, you would be flying with the runway either to your left, or your right, depending on the direction you were given. It would apply to multiple runways as well. You would not need to fly around the entire airport. As far as A/P goes, you wouldn’t set any waypoints. You could lock the heading on the downwind leg

This such a great tutorial!

May I also suggest using YouTube as a resource to get a better visualization of how to fly patterns

Thanks for the help. lets say however I am approaching bass or am on base leg and atc still hasnt cleared me to land, do I then fly upwind and go in a circle until he does?

This is a great tutorial! This actually helped me a lot, a few months back. Thanks for the great explanation @Aernout!

What server? It shouldn’t happen on expert, but you would hold the present heading you’re on and wait for ATC to instruction you

If you aren’t cleared, continue to fly a normal pattern. If you reach short-final (1nm from the threshold) without a clearance, execute a Go-Around and announce “Going Around” and await further instructions. While this shouldnt happen on expert, mistakes do happen. If it happens a second time, I would suggest departing to the nearest airport and landing, then find the controller on the IFC using the database here, and ask for clarification of the incident. If you’re on the Training Server, I’d suggest just diverting and continuing your patterns elsewhere… not much left to do after that.

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Sorry for all the stupid questions, but just to clarify, a normal pattern would involve flying downwind, turning left or right base, and then flying back over the runway like the diagram says? The reason I am asking is that flying over the runway doesn’t seem very safe lol. Again I’m really sorry for all the stupid questions lol, Its just this whole concept confuses me. :)

After you turn 90 degrees from the base leg, you would be on the leg of the pattern called final which is where you would be given either the clearance to land or the clearance for the option (landing, touch and go, low pass, etc.) if you are landing, land and exit the runway, or if you are inbound for touch and go, touch the runway and takeoff again flying the pattern all over again.

I appreciate your desire to learn the proper procedures, no need to apologize whatsoever.

You’re understanding is correct. You would fly over the runway. However, upon announcing “Going Around” you would immediately begin climbing back to pattern altitude. If there is departing traffic, Tower is responsible for canceling the departing aircraft’s clearance, and keeping your go-around safe.

In the worst case scenario, if the departing aircraft is not able to reject its takeoff, do your best to avoid separation issues and consider turning crosswind early and then establish yourself on the downwind leg and resume a normal pattern.

Very helpful tutorial, I’m getting back to it once in a while to refresh my memory. Really appreciate it. Keep it up 👏🏻👏🏻

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Great tutorial and visual! Thank you