How to fly 787-9

Yes, although this would have the most updated info (maybe no change though, haven’t checked):

What you’ll notice is that the altitudes I list are very low, and that’s because I go off of efficiency. 787s don’t usually cruise this low but my topic is just a straight report on efficiency without any mind paid to realism.

The 789 hates getting airborne. Especially if you’re heavy, you probably need flaps 15 to get off the runway at a reasonable speed. Under testing it needed a 10,000 foot runway to safely get airborne on flaps 15, 95% N1 MTOW (almost 170+ on the rotation). It has good power but can struggle to climb initially (like up to 3000 feet) which is a combination of its weird AoA stuff (same reason it can’t get airborne well) creating drag and the fact that its throttle curve is modeled all the way up to 117% N1 (so keeping it under 100 hurts more). As Preston mentioned it’s extremely sensitive, if you’re flying manually you basically have to be still as a statue to not overcorrect things.