How to fix without end flight

Hi, Im having an issue where i only get 300++ xp after 8 hours flight. When the low battery popup, my "live server " appear to be red saying that disconnected:NetworkError. and then back to green , 23 min later live server back to red but other stays green weather,global API, only live server… this happen twice… i try to track but ky flight isnt there… how do I fix this problem without ending my flight next time…
screenshot from my flight yesterday.

Expert server.
my internet connection is good but in IF says Network error…
Hope IF technical representative can help me.

You can try to hit the home button then quickly join back into IF

Hi there, I’d recommend turning on Airplane mode for about 30 seconds and then turning it back off again.

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not working…

not working

Try to touch “live server”

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not working as well

I have had this happen to me to. If I remember correctly, this happens typically because there was an interruption in the game for more than 2 minutes. This happens especially after pop ups occur like a phone call, or a low battery notification. The only way to fix it is to end the flight. I’m sorry

Disconnect your WiFi, wait 30-40 seconds and reconnect it again

It happened to me, but I didn’t end the flight

Here is a very similar topic I made a couple months prior:

If you see, it is solved by a staff member with the same thing I said above. Hope this helps!

no longer than 30 sec i close popup

thanks man…

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Any pop up will do this. The only notifications that do not interrupt the sim are banner notifications that only appear at the top of the screen.

I encourage you to check the topic listed above, there is not other way to connect back to the live server, as said by a staff member. I’m sorry for the bad news.

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