How to fix violations and landings over a year


I have noticed for the past few weeks I have had a higher number then what’s needed for grade three. Currently I have 118 violations/230 landings. I am at .51 and .50 is required for grade three. I was wondering how I can get that down since the calculations are quiet confusing. How many landings would I need to do? Thanks for all your help.

Six more landings should be enough for ya. Simply divide your violations by the decimal you need (in this case, 0.50) to see how many landings you’ll need.


Is it showing in your stats that you’re at .51? That can happen. The calculations round up, so they’re not always accurate. Toasty has you covered with your actual ratio.

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So I could do six touch and goes on a very long strip and that would be fine?

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Yup! Just six touch and goes on any runway will be sufficient.

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Six touch and goes unfortunately didn’t do the trick.

Give your stats some time to update. Check to make sure your landings actually counted. Feel free to do one or two more if needed to bump it to 237 or 238.

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I just did two more in a cub and they didnt count.

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Just hop in a TBM or something and land on the actual runway. 30 seconds or so between them, let your stats update for a bit. Restarting the app can help.


Only one landing every thirty seconds, if they were closer than that, system will get fed for his hard work.

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Ha, I went on Edwards long runway and did a bunch of touch and goes in a cub.

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