How to fix this?

Hey there! What device are you running Infinite Flight on?

i use vivo s1 pro

Did you check the device’s Text-to-Speech settings, like the notification suggests?

yeah, the settings are correct and good

Were you able to see and hear which voices are installed?

Tap the gear icon:

Tap “Install voice data”:

Tap your preferred language to see which voices are already installed or to install voices.

yes, the display on my phone is the same as yours

What do you see when you tap your preferred language?

example, i choose US and this is what i see if i tap the preferred language

When you tap those two voices, you hear a sample, right?

That means that you have these voices installed.
When you tap other countries there are probably even more.

Infinite Flight should “see” those voice.

I have no idea why that’s not the case.

I have Samsung devices here and even when I select Samsung’s TTS engine, IF “sees” those voices.
That means I’m unable to replicate this specific issue.

Do you have another TTS engine option?

no. i dont have anotger tts engine option. only in the setting

I have these options:

Which options does you’re device have?

the problem is in the google text to-speech app. i just updated it at play store, and the problem is solved. thans to all friends who helped me!

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Glad to hear it!

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