How to fix this?!

Hello there, i currently have problems with “In-Flight Assistant”, a third party for IF.

Everytime i start a flight…

“Hi there Captain, ready when you are” repeats constantly, Even in taxi, taking off, climb, cruise and until the engine shutdown, and it overlaps announcements that ruins the realistic experience.

does anyone know how to stop it?

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Maybe try to reinstall it

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Do you have the latest version?

Better change the title of the topic to something less generic so others will understand what the actual problem is.

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I use IFA and never had that issue… does this always happen? Is IFA on the latest version?

Maybe try a fresh reinstall? Or contact the creator of the app.

Yup i would say try reinstalling coz it happened to me once and reinstalling worked for me!
Also, opt out of BETA Version (if in case you opted in)…

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