How to fix the rolling left to right in A321

hi i need help, my plane keeps yawing from left to right how can i fix this its the autopilot.

Can you give more info? Altitude, Speed, are you equipped on LNAV, VNAV?

so im cruising at mach 0.77 at 35000ft l nav is enabled.

Please read the following topics, this is an active issue.

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none of these its following the flight plan fine but it was making small corrections with and when it does it makes a bigger correction and then it turns into a full on left to right rolling motion.

That is an issue, here you go:

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Here is the answer form @Maxim:

From the information you’ve provided, it seems to me like an issue with the physics and how they interact with the autopilot. The rocking you are experiencing is likely the autopilot overcorrecting itself which explains why turning off the heading select option for the autopilot stops the rocking. There have been reports in the past of this behaviour on the A321 (more apparent with high winds like you are experiencing) and the A321’s physics have been tweaked for 19.3 (if I recall correctly). After this tweak, we haven’t seen any more reports of this.

If we get more reports of this happening, I’ll make sure to re-report this to the team. For now, I suggest just to keep an eye out on your device to make sure this rocking does not disengage the autopilot, which may result in unwanted violations. As I said, let’s hope it’s a ‘one-off’, but if not I’m sure someone at the team will look at it.

Take care!

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@Maxim Hey there you did an article and it seems that the update did not fix the rocking on the A321.

Hi Oliver, sorry for the late reply.

In order for me to report this, I need to know the detailed step-by-step method of reproducing this issue. If I just report the issue by saying “there’s something wrong with the A321 physics model”, it won’t be of much use to the developers. I haven’t experienced this issue myself lately, so if you can replicate this issue every time you fly the A321, please reply with the steps needed in as much detail as possible. For example:

  1. Spawn in the A321
  2. Set the weight to …
  3. Set the winds to …
  4. Fly at … altitude and at … speed

etc etc

If we can find a consistent way to get the A321 to roll left and right whilst on autopilot, then I can report it to the developers and they’ll definitely take a look at it.

So i would spawn into the a321 fly up to around 35000ft and have the weight at 79,000KG gross, and have the winds at a 11kts tailwind from the right. also fly at mach 0.77.

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Thanks for the details!

Can you perhaps try to do this now on Solo and see if you can get this issue? If you can, I’ll have a go on my device and if I can reproduce this as well, I’ll be able to report it. Make sure to include screenshots of your W&B page, your HUD showing all the flight details and anything else you think may be worth showing.

ok will do i recommend that you have a flight plan that has a few shallow turns,

so i have almost completed a flight in the A321 from HNL-LAX and i cant seem to recreate the problem.

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