How to fix the google login problem


I recently got Infinite flight and i tryed to login using my IPad but it say “Account not found” though it is a google account I use. Any help?


Have you tried to restart the app?

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As mentioned above, restart IF and make sure that you are logging in with the information that you made to make your purchase ;)

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Thanks for contacting support!

As Chris said above, please restart the app and make sure you are using the same credentials that you purchased your subscription with. It might also be worth checking your internet connection (restarting your wifi router/modem). If that still doesn’t work, I would suggest a re-install of the app.

Let us know how you get on!


Yes, I tried lots of times and It didn’t work

Ok! I’ll be sure to try both ways and see if it works


I tried both ways and it still doesn’t allow me to sign in

Do the whole process again, and when you see ‘restore purchases’ press that. I believe it’s on where you buy live.

I cant even find the restore purchases button

@MoochezDoesRoblox can you confirm that you have a good internet connection? Check with your Internet Service Provider to see if there may be an issue with your router or their service.

This issue now seems more of an internet connectivity issue rather than an issue with Infinite Flight.

If it is a internet problem, I suggest that you download Speedtest by Ookla to see if the speed is decent.
I don’t know if the speeds will actually be a sign of anything, but worth a shot.

it says my ping is 16ms my download is 40.95 and my upload is 38.33

Thats what it says

The email that is attached to my account is not a gmail account, and I made the purchase with that email

Ok that should be good.

It’s not a gmail?
That might be the problem.

@MoochezDoesRoblox Please create a Facebook or gmail account to complete the authentication process. Once you have a Facebook or Google account you should be able to access the Live Servers. These are the two means that Infinite Flight uses to verify the end user.


Try signing in to Google on the Google app or Safari, then it should connect to the Infinite Flight app.

@MoochezDoesRoblox Have we managed to get this working yet?

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nope i tried everyones steps and stuff and it still doesnt work