How to fix recording sound?

Hey guys, I’ve been recording videos for fun the last few flights but the audio is terrible. There’s a strange background sound as if the speakers were broken but everything else works fine so i’m not sure what’s wrong. I have the record settings on Infinite Flight set to “Best” quality, i’ve tried with and without earphones, I have a default video editor on my LG G6 and there’s an option to stabilize the video but that did not help either.
I’m not a pro video editor so the only thing i thought of with Kinemaster was to cover the sound with music but that’s not what i’m looking for

Hey there! Your best bet is to wait a few hours for the Android gang to wake (they’re fast asleep at the moment).

@Starley and @Kirito_77 are the go to folks for helping you with an Android device and video/photo inquiries ;)

PS- your video said unavailable when I tried to view it.


Sounds good, Thanks.
I’ll upload it again so you can have a look

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Who do you suggest I contact for help with the iOS screen recording? Mine never records full audio for the entire video, cuts off after 15 minutes or so.


Before we go on: Do you have “record microphone” on (in the IF-settings)?

And @Trio, for your issue: You are not the only one with this problem. Apple already knows about it but they haven’t come up with an official solution yet. I would suggest you to contact them privately.


Good morning everyone!

Sound recording issues are not always device related. Sometimes it can be a buggy recording app or a buggy host app. If you could let me know what recorder you are using, I’d be able to look into this issue further

To extend that, your device name and model would be greatly appreciated!


Yes, it’s on “record microphone”

I’m using the original recording from Infinite Flight. Using an LG G6

Okay, bit of a crappy suggestion, but whilst I have a look at this could you try downloading this and see if you can replicate the problem?
Obviously set all the recording settings to max.
On the infinite flight side of things, make sure you have your device volume quite high, you don’t have the microphone enabled, and minimise the background noise as much as possible.

(Disable the microphone in IF. When the recording app detects exterior noise, it will prioritize that over the device sound. May be related to your device)


Thanks for all the help.
I’ll give DU recorder a try

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