How to fix IF's weird pronunciations in iOS

Hi gang, I stumbled on this when I was reading the post about changing the voice in IOS devices, so I’m not sure if it was covered also. But one of the first things I noticed on my iPhone when I started playing Live was that certain words were pronounced weird. One example was “Unicom” which on the iPhone, infinite flight would pronounce “unicum”. Or my callsign numbers (5150) was always read “five one five zero” instead of “fifty one fifty”.

Anyway, I found that you can re-train any word you’d like in the IOS settings app. Here’s how it works. Go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Pronunciations.

From there, tap the + in the upper-right corner to add a new word. In this example I type Unicom. Then tap the microphone icon and say the word exactly how you want it to sound.

The iPhone will then come up with 2 or 3 choices. Just tap on each to see which one sounds best. Click done when finished.

Now the automated voices in Infinite Flight Live pronounce everything correctly. Hope this helps everyone!


Wow very cool!


Wow! Didn’t know this was possible, thanks for information!! :)

see tutorial

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Yeah that’s the thread on changing the sound of the voice. What I’m describing is how to teach Siri to pronounce particular words correctly.


Thanks for emphasizing this particular point ! But that’s included in this tutorial, too ;)

Now, you are able to control the speed of your ATC voice, accents, languages, and even how the ATC pronounces words. For instance, instead of saying “nineteen twenty two” for 1922, you can make it say “one nine two two”

But again, thanks for extracting this information.

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Best post ever. Thank you so much!!!


This is awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Cool thanks it helped me

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Great stuff!

With the Callsign I tend to enter with a space such as “51 51” so that I get the correct pronunciation otherwise it ends up as either “Five Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty One” or Five One Five One".


Awesome. Thanks for showing that

Awesome! No more “puhshback”! :-)


It all sounds correct for me without doing this.

Yeah I wasn’t sure if it had ever been covered before. Thanks for the link!

Nice! Hopefully it can help when it says Schipol. It’s sounds like it’s swearing!

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