How to find the plane you were on 1 year ago

Around April 2019, I flew from OAK-AUS. Now this was before I joined the IFC so I didn’t really know what was so cool about planes. But now I am an aviation Enthusiast. So I wanted to find the plane I was on. The only problem is that the flight was 1 year ago. So how could I find it? Well it’s actually pretty easy.

(I flew OAK-AUS on April 26,2019 the callsign was wn993)

Step 1: You need to know what the day, month and year, you month and year was when you went on the plane. As well you need to know the airline and flight number.

Step 2: Search up in the URL the airline, flight number, Year of the flight, and month of the flight.

Step 3: A website called flightera should pop up. Click on that website.

Step 4: Once you are into Flightera find the day of the flight you went on. Once you found the flight you went on click on the arrow at the right hand sid of the screen.

Step 5: Scroll down until you find the flight registration.


Awesome! Can’t wait to try this out!

I also use as well. Accurate readings all the way back to 1995 if you need it :)

Note: it requires a subscription to find international fights outside of the United States as well.

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This is 100% free,

Just found the flight I flew on back in November, this is awesome! :D

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Yes, I know, but only goes back to September 2017 with records. Although it’s more accurate, if your looking for flights outside of that range the website I put up is the way to go for those domestic flights (if you are not willing to pay to find international ones)

I forgot to say the flight registration is a link and it will Tell you it’s last flight.

If you click on it.

Also, if the flight was within the US and you don’t remember the flight number, you can use the US Bureau of Transportation data which goes back as far as 1987. Choose the year, month, and state of either departure or arrival, then select check boxes for departure airport, destination airport, departure date/time, airline, registration, then click download and it will download a spreadsheet with data on all domestic flights within the month and state you selected. Then sort by date and scan through the list for your flight, I have found several registrations I had forgotten to record through this method.

Does the subscription work for you? I’ve tried paying a few times but the website brought me to an error page every attempt.

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Haven’t bought it actually. I’ll try to purchase it when I have more money in the future.

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It’s only 3 dollars a month if I’m not mistaken, it said you could cancel it so I was going to do it for 1 month. Just in case you didn’t know 👍

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Also remember the title I put on this. 1 year ago. I didn’t say since1982 and stuff.

Cool find! I might use it to find my flights to Costa Rica.

Wow! Thanks for letting us know about this…

I just found a flight I was two years ago (UA5354)
Credit to Jetphotos

Glad to see you found it!

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