How to find the gates to make an event

Hey IFC, as you can see I’ve always wondered what airlines goes into which gates.
Is there a specific source which you go to, or do you make the routes up.
Thanks for the help, it is really appreciated.


You can always check out FlightRadar24 and find the flight you want to do. Just go to find routes search the route and do a playback of the flight to see where they parked. Also if the airport is a hub for something you can usually see what gates belong to the hub airline as there would be a lot there


I tend to find the gates by looking on google images or getting the flight number of the flight im doing and looking what gate they arrived in and departed from

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It depends. Sometimes there are domestic gates and international, sometimes wikipedia has the terminals listed in the routes section on airport’s wiki page. And sometimes you need to compromise on realism to fit more widebodies

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I used the VATSIM website to get the gates for my upcoming event.

Or always ask around. Im always ready to help people

Which website are you referring to exactly? Just curious, do you mean the VATSIM Divisional or vACC/vARTCC website or?

Welll, I looked it up on Google, and on of the results was My event is going to be in Gatwick so I guess that’s why It gave me the uk one. And I assume you could find it one other countries… not sure though 🤔 I will have a look

what i do, is i look up the airport followed by departures. Most airports will give you gate info etc. And since there is corona, set the date on the airports website to like 3 months in advance so you can get all the info

Aaaah I see now! VATUK is one of the only places who has that feature… I run and manage the VATSIM websites, so I was a bit curious. :D Thanks!

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Do research on the airport, you can check which airlines use which terminals and therefore figure out gates. Most airports should have websites that contain this info. You can always spawn at IF to see which gates can and can’t handle heavies, cargo etc.

Sometimes the airport website usually says something like terminal/airlines and it will give the airlines location at the airport in the specific parkings! Also look on Flight Aware for the flights into one specific airport and you can write down the gates those flights park at.

Thanks guys! I was offline for a little bit. These are all great tips for the future! I really appreciate it!

you can use VirtualHub, its an app

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d put this question in this topic as… well, it’s on the same topic.

I am looking at doing a flyout in Faro, which only has one terminal. Is it likely that airlines park anywhere on this terminal or would X airline park at Y gates and so on I have tried finding it out but can’t find it anywhere.
Thanks! and let me know if I should have created a separate thread. I just thought it would declutter the forum a bit.

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