How to Find The Cheapest Flight

FedEx can have free jump seat flights if you’re very flexible.

I saw this on Facebook - downloaded it and looked at potential flights from Cardiff up to Edinburgh. It quoted me £209, whereas Flybe was £170 for the exact same thing dates wise. Needless to say it got swiftly uninstalled. 😂


Dont get carried away with that crap, there all discounted standby tickets and pilots are the only ones that can get free jump seats.

That app doesn’t list Low Cost Airlines when I tried several routes where Lion Air or AirAsia can offer cheaper tickets than Garuda

Or book on tuesdays if your flying SWA.

I know that Delta has this elite travel agent department which was originally part of northwest. Only a few can access it, but those who can (special keywords and stuff), are able to pretty much get on any flight possible.

While I have not used it, I have heard good things about, just throwing it out as an additional option.

This came up on my ‘on this day’ on Facebook. The most useful thing UniLad has ever done. I had completely fogotten about it.


True. Their posts are absolute 💩

I would like the idea of flying cheap but I will never fly a budget airline. Sorry they are too dangerous to fly on. I would recommend anyone wanting to just get from Point A to Point B safetly. Find the cheapest part of a trusted airline that does not have history of crashes and is the top airline in your country (or world if you live in Australia). Sorry though to most European people though due to British Airways being the only one I would recommend in the EU, even then it is still quite a dangerous airline and has 3 star

They are some of the most safe…

Star rating isn’t just about safety sheesh


You’ve got the wrong end of the stick about budget airlines. They cut costs on things regarding the general passenger experience, not on safety. They would not be flying if the aircraft were not safe. Where you have based that on, I really don’t know, but it’s safe to say (pardon the pun) that it is absolute nonsense.

So what airline would you recommend then?

And why is BA dangerous? They had an uncontained engine failure at LAS, but that was to do with the engine manufacturer and not them - and BA7 suffered frozen fuel on final approach - again something out of BA’s control…

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My finger just flipped and I pressed madness mistake lol… I think 8 days before the flight u get it cheap…!

Honestly if I can be honest, I don’t believe in safety record, etc. Because if you will be a victim in an aircraft accident, it’s already your fate. I meant, who will ever guess that a Malaysia Airlines flight dissapeared on Indian Ocean? They had a good safety record prior the incident. Or who will ever guess that a Singapore Airlines flight will crash due to pilot error (SQ006)? In my honest opinion, flying in the airline with worst safety record (i.e Lion Air) doesn’t mean you will be a victim of an aircraft accident. Maybe because I’m a type of person who doesn’t look for safety record when it goes to choosing an airline. I’ll just rely to my fate

Some Low Cost Airlines are considered as a safe airline too. Like easyJet or Ryanair as an example. They haven’t lost a passenger until today despite their huge and busy network at Europe. Like AtomicHerbster earlier said,


Does that include being a little drunk?

I actually suggest against flight finder websites, and prefer to use the actual airline, the prices may be more expensive, but you get more info and you are lel informed on your flight. With the ones in South Africa, it just says, “Have all travel documents”, because of this, I wasn’t allowed on my flight.

I may be biased but I’ll probaly make a post for more in-depth details.

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Another tip: Mainly for people in Scandinavia.

Every Thursday, SAS posts some offers on flights, for as low as 35£
Not as cheap as Misha tells, but is a somewhat cheap way to fly around Europe with one suitcase included, and seat assignsment relatively cheap.

**They have to be booked on SAS’s website.


Didn’t know that. Are there any to LHR as I would love to fly the NEO


I have made this a wiki. Feel free to add your cheap flight tips, advice or pointers you know or find yourself! You must keep it in the format provided or I shall remove it. Please also keep it to the section provided.

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