How to find the ATC frequency of planes flying over my house

I’m sure that quite a few of you have seen my recent topic about planes that fly over your house, anyway I think it would be cool to listen to the ATC if those planes as they’re flying over me. I can see planes approaching EWR, BWI, DCA, IAD, TEB, And PHL so I can obviously listen to their respective approach frequencies on , but is there a way to find the frequency for the planes at cruising altitude over my house. I live in Doylestown, PA which means the planes flying over me are controlled by NY center and close to the border for DC center. Is there a way to find the frequency for my specific area. If you know who but need a more specific location from me, feel free to PM me. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure you can just look up atc frequencies online, then just tune into it with a radio, don’t say anything though

Type up and it has dozens of different frequencies which u can listen to. There is also a mobile app but that costs money.

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On Flightradar24 if you have the subscription if you press on any flight and scroll down it will tell you what frequency they are tuned into.

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LiveATC is a great resource for hearing ATC comms.


No one is actually trying to answer the question, I too would like to figure out the NY sectors. Have yet to be able to figure it out.


Usually, there is a ‘scan’ option. Once you get past the commercial radio (music etc…), you’ll find yourself in marine radio or Aviation radio. It heavily depends on the geographical area you are in. If you are in a valley, you will get no reception. If you are on a hill, you’d be lucky to hear the ATIS or ground (Assuming you are near the airport). You really need to be quite high up. Diagram of marine radio (pretty much the same as aviation radio)

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This should probably work (assuming you haven’t read the post by mistake, otherwise please disregard).

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Sector 55 would probably be Doylestown, I have no clue which feed that is on LiveATC. I figured out where ZNY New York Center Sector 26 is on LiveATC.

Low altitude

High altitude

Found Sector 55! ZBW/ZNY/ZDC (JFK Area) #4 is the name of the feed on LiveATC.


-Find the nearest airport to your house.

  • plug it into
    -go to the appropriate approach plate
    -find the departure/approach/center frequency
    -live atc and plug that number in

This is just an example. I’ve highlighted the frequency.

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