How to find someone in I.F.

How do I find someone I see in if yo speak to them. For example, IF I see someone going freaking crazy buzzing me and stuff, instead of reporting them, how can I talk to them? Is there a way?

No, you cannot talk to them.

Unfortunately not everyone has an IFC account. Some who do are obvious to spot, because they usually have “IFC” in front of their display name.
However, IF it’s a random guy, then…

Nothing can really be done.

Also note that the report button is obsolete because it was abused, so nothing can really be done.

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Be sure to check out the Infinite Flight ATC & Pilot Display Name list, as the pilot you’re looking for may be in it and you can reference back to it for all future incidents:

Good luck!


If it is a controller then you could use what @Luke_M linked, but if it’s just a random person on the server there really is no way to look up their IFC…if they even have one.

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