How to find screenshots

Where can i find the screenshots that I’ve taken in IF?

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You can open your device gallery and the screenshots will be there.

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Ok thanks for the help!

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Wait it’s not there

Could you specify a bit first. You are taking screenshots with the feature, that’s in the replay or do you use your device feature to take them?

Oops sorry about that! I am using the new feature that’s with the replay

What device are you using?

I am using a IPhone XR (64GB)

After the app has taken the screenshot, there is a a prompt asking for permission to use your gallery. Did you select Agreed or Yes?

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Oof had that off , I must have been so exited that I just put whatever thanks!

Don’t worry, just go to the Settings on your Iphone -> then scroll down until you see Infinite Flight -> there you will be able to grant access to your gallery. Let me know if this resolved the issue.

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It has thank you so much!

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Glad to hear that. Have a nice one :)

Check your galery, screenshots must be there