How to Find out when you were ghosted

How do you find out when you were ghost a glass so you know when you should post to become an ATC expert?

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Easiest way is to just check your logbook and look for the latest report.


The minimum for applying to become an IFATC is 60 days after your most recent ghost, just incase you didn’t know.


Thank you, to confirm, 6 violations equals a ghost? Sadly I was flying a 747 and lost control of speed below 10K so I ended up with the violations. Always have to be ahead of needs for the aircraft, the 747 took me by surprise, oh well lesson learned.

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No 6 violations doesnt equals a ghost. Ghosting is something different!!Only the IFATC can ghost a user on ES. Violations can be earned while flying and not following the basic rules(Overspeed during flight(More than 250kts when under 10000ft), taxiing with over 35kts…)

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I assume your issue is your grade dropped. A detailed topic about how to read the grade table is available here:

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Ah I understand now, thank you all for your help.


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