How to find out what account was used for IF pro

Good afternoon,
I am currently trying to login into my account on another device. Both devices belong to me, but I can’t seem to find any saved passwords for IF. I can’t see anywhere where it says what account was used for IF app.

I believe that the Gmail I used was old, and I can’t remember the password, and neither is it saved in my phone. Is there anyway that I can check the account used for the subscription?
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


No. There’s currently no way for us to publicly disclose what account that is linked.
But i can check if you send me your current callsign + display name :)


Callsign: JAT001
Name: IFC-BravoCharlie

Thanks for the help Seb!

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It’s actually not linked to anything. So, on the device you’re signed in on already;
Tap your display name in the top right corner, then “Link account” in the bottom right. Then select either a Facebook or a Google account and voila!


Alright, I’ll try that :)

Wait, what?

I don’t remember to what account this was linked to…

I was kind of expecting that.
Taking this to PM.