How to find out no. of pax on a specific flight

I’m thinking of adding that extra but of realism to my IF flights by having the same no. of pax onboard as IRL.

As the title indicates, is there a reliable website out there that tells you how many passengers were on a specific flight.

I wasn’t sure whether this qualified as “real world aviation” so I just kept it in #general.


Unless if you have insider information (ie. work for airline) you would have to make a guess


I’m not sure how accurate this is, but this is my process.

  1. Find the airline & aircraft (specific config. if applicable) operating the route.
  2. Look up the seat map for this aircraft type (and config. if applicable) with the airline (SeatGuru is great for this!).
  3. Add up the number of total seats on the aircraft and multiply it by a factor of:

(a) 0.9 - high load factor
(b) 0.75 - medium load factor
(c) 0.5 - low load factor

And then simply insert these figures into Infinite Flight as passenger numbers :)


Ok thanks.

The number of passengers on a specific flight will vary depending on the day and season, so you can choose any sensible number.

Some airlines, such as American, Delta, United, and JetBlue, provide up to date seat maps when booking flights. These typically reflect the number of passengers on upcoming flights, but you’d need to check as close to departure as possible. Even then, it won’t be completely accurate because it doesn’t factor in people who miss the flight or standby passengers, but it gives you a rough estimate.

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Ok thanks guys. I’ll flag this topic to close now :)