How to find out how long a flight will take

I know that flight times in IF are generally close to the amount of time a real flight is, but my flights always seem to be shorter Han in real life, is there anything I can use to get a baseline for about how long a flight takes. The one thing I’ve learned is that 500nm is about 1 hour

I’d recommend to have a go at utilising
The website provides you with an estimated flight time, an FPL, V-Speeds, weather, weights and much more!


Flightradar24 is my main tool. Compare and contrast times, speeds, altitudes etc and if you have the playback feature, it’s a winner.


A lot depends on your aircraft and weather conditions (particularly wind) along your route. As a general rule of thumb, 500 nm per hour (which is also equal to 500 knots) is about average ground speed for an airliner in cruise.
In addition to fpltoif, I recommend you to check out for flight plan calculation. It will build you a route and provide you with a time estimate considering current conditions.


I use for mine. It tells you everything.

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