How to find out how crowded your flight is before the flight

Hello everyone,before you say google it,I did.
So in about a weeks time I am flying southwest Airlines and they dont have a seatmap so its really hard to find out what seats are open or how many people are on my flight.Do you know any way to get some numbers.I just really want a Window seat right by the wing I know…Very specific and since im not a frequent flyer or anything I don’t want the A and B list people to take the best seats.
Frequent fliers of southwest,what do you do?
Thanks in advance, Have a good night

I don’t think you can see how crowded your flight is until you get into the airport and pay attention the amount of people waiting at your gate.

Also, Southwest has open seating so just take any open window seat once you get on the airplane.

Or, if you check in exactly 24 hours before your flight, your position really determines how crowded your flight is. For example, I was on a Southwest flight OAK-SEA and that flight only had 10 people (including my sister and me). As a result, our positions were A18 and A19. Now our flight SEA-SJC was completely full so when we checked in, our positions were A48 and A49.

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Ok,thanks.Do you fly alot on SW?
I notice most A list people stay in the front of the aircraft.Lol

I do fly a lot on Southwest

I sometimes get on the A-list (if I check in quick enough or purchase EarlyBird) but I always head to a window seat just behind the wing


Yeah I want right after the wing aswell or right behind the exit row.I like to know what is going on.
Thanks for your help

No problem!

Btw, the best way to guarantee your desired seat is to make sure you have all your info (confirmation, name, etc) typed in on the Southwest website at latest 1 minute before check in opens. Open a website like to stare at the seconds before the next minute strikes. Once it is 59 seconds into the minute, switch back into the Southwest website and hit “Check In.” Then you would have pretty early boarding position (latest in the early B positions if your flight is crowded) giving you a better chance of getting your desired seat.

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That and right behind the wing box is the strong part of the plane

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