How to find live gate information besides flightaware

Hi guys i like to be really relaistic and like to use the same gate as a plane that is departing in real life. I am having trouble finding any gate information for just about any non-US flight.

I use flight aware to get flight info as I havent found any other website that give accurate live information about gates etc. Please if any one knows about another site were I can find this information I would greatly appreciate it.

I have another question currently flying from OPKC-OMDB as EK 601 Heavy. What gates in terminal 3 should I park in Dubai to be as realistic as possible. I have flown this flight IRL but dont remember which concourse in terminal 3 this flight parks I do know it is quite far from the main concourse and train is needed. I think its C gates


I use which gives you gate information (most of the time)

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no luck with that site just says terminal 1. I am following EK601

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Hi, I did a quick search on flight radar 24, it didn’t give me the exact gate but this was the gate used on the 30th of July.

I don’t know if this was useful, but that’s the best I can offer.

I believe that flight radar is a lot better than flight aware. It’s gives more precise and accurate information.

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IMO you should be more aiming for parking in the correct area than the exact gate. realism =/= replicating.

That being said, look at flightradar24.

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