How to find flights that have not already departed

I like to do realistic flights and I try to get them on time. I’m currently using FlightAware to find a random flight but they are always 22mins in flight and I was wondering if there’s a way to find a flight that hasn’t departed.

You could use FlightRadar24 that’s shows scheduled departure times and arrival times. is a great tool.

You can find things like:

  • Specific aircrafts flights, upcoming and past
  • Different airports’ traffic
    -When certain routes are operated and using which type of aircraft

and when you find a good flight, you can use other sources to confirm routes and gates and terminals etc.

Honestly I love doing realistic flights, I personally don’t care if its in the air or not as long as it shows up im happy… but definitely use Flight Radar 24 like everyone else is saying here. best option in my opinion out there!

You can do Flightradar24 but something that hasn’t been mentioned yet is you can tap an airport and tap its arrival and departure boards. Find a cool flight and when it departs, and there you go!

Flightradar24 to get flight info, and flight aware to get the flights’ FPL

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