How to find Flight Info

Hey guys I was wondering if there was a way to see flight information, for example, all the routes the plane has done and where it parked.

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FlightRadar24 has a pretty good route history for aircraft on their free version of the app. The paid subscription goes more in-depth with that information.


Flight aware does a good job at tracking flights, it doesn’t show the gate from what I know but this is good!


FR24 and FlightAware are my go too apps for regular operations. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, many airlines have canceled services for over 2 weeks, and they sometimes do not appear on FR24/FlightAware.

To combat this issue, is a wonderful site that lets you select a departure and arrival city and it shows you nearby scheduled flights. The great thing about this is that it allows you to fly the scheduled flight as if this pandemic situation never occurred, and gives accurate times reflecting the changing of schedules from summer-winter seasons (Southern Hemisphere) or the winter-summer schedule changes (northern hemisphere)


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