How to find dust spots for free!

This isn’t much a spotting topic, but rather an educational topic. With many real life planespotters within the community, I thought I’d share my way of getting rid of dust spots…all without throwing a penny down the drain

step 1: purchase “Snapseed” off the Apple or Android store. This is a free app

step 2: select the image you will want to check for dust specks

step 3: upload that image to Snapseed

step 4: open the “Tune Image” editing tab, found here:

step 5: tune the following settings onto the image: +100 contrast, -100 highlights, and -100 shadows.

step 6: find said dust spots. They will show up as darker circles on the picture

step 7: Using the healing tool, brush over the dust spot to remove it. This is done by taking pixels around the dust spot and replacing the pixels you’re healing. Don’t do this close to buildings or the plane, or else it may up pretty messy

step 8: undo the editing you’ve done to the image, but don’t undo the healing done. To undo the edits, you would go to view the edits, and delete the “tune image” edit. This can be found by using the following steps.

step 9: adore your final image, edit it to your liking, or export it as you desire!

This was take 2, and hopefully it all came out okay. I hope at least someone here can find this useful. It’s just a cheaper alternative to using photo editing software that costs money

Have a great rest of your morning/afternoon/evening/night


Can it find oatmeal for free too?


Alternatively, the Equalize tool in Photoshop works very good for identifying dust spots.

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There’s only one way to find out…

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Haven’t heard of it, but I’ll give it a try



Adobe photoshop, or is it on the App Store? If it’s the former, pc version, or iPad?

y e s

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Or you could just turn the dehaze up to 100 in Lightroom.

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He protecc
He atacc
But most importantly
Oatmeal is bacc


Roses are Red,
Larceny is Theft,
But What if,
For Some Reason,
Oatmeal Never Left.


That’s deep bro


Then you have more halos than there are angels in heaven

I like using the heal settings → visualize spots in lightroom, only if you are willing to pay $10/mo and 7 packs of oatmeal a day for it

Pc version I’m assuming

yeah it is

Yeah, that you have to pay for

i think i should use your tip! thank you
-Credit someone on instagram

looks like a karyotype lmao, tell them to take a look at this topic!