How to find departure and arrival charts

When I am in a flight I look at the departure and arrival charts for the SIDS and STARS but can’t find them.

I recommend using the internet and search with the following: (XXXX) charts. Example, KLAX charts.
That’s the way I do.


If you want simulated, use VATSIM

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Additionally you can try this link, replacing “XXXX” with the desired ICAO Code:


How much does VATSIM cost?

The US makes things easy, just go on Flightaware or Skyvector and you can pull up all the FAA charts. For Jepps, you either need a Navigraph subscription, or if you don’t mind outdated plates, has Jepps for most major airports in the world, you can find those by editing the URL with the ICAO code


If you search up and then put the ICAO code of the airport on Google. It’ll provide Charts. That’s where I get mine

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That’s only for the US + US territories though.

@PilotA320 one other resource is from the country’s Aviation administration, they typically publish charts but they are harder to find, and some of them look absolutely awful (ie Italy)


Vatsim is free.

If you’re willing to spend money for charts for every airport that has charts that gets updated with every AIRAC, I recommend pitching in $75/year for Navigraph. Definitely worth it.

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