How to find current notams

How does one find the current NOTAMS, currently just on the training server and was told to check the current notams. Ty in advance

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What airport are you at?

Since you are on the training server, the controller may not be fully aware of what all the commands me. If you look on the map and there isn’t a big red circle around the airport then there isn’t a NOTAM in place and you have nothing to worry about.

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Yeah thought so, was pretty confused. KLAX btw

Yeah there is no NOTAM in place at KLAX. The big airports such as KLAX, KSFO and EGLL are always airports that I would avoid on the Training Server if you want to have a better quality ATC experience.

I would personally fly to smaller airports as that’s where a lot of people that are practicing for IFATC open to train and get feedback. A lot of the people when they first get the app (me included) jumped straight into controlling KLAX and that was the first and last time I ever did that on the TS.


Yeah don’t worry about it. It’s the training server which means the controllers can be new.

There’s a NOTAM app on Android I use that covers just about every airport. It has its normal notam language as well as decided versions.

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