How to Find and Contact an IFATC Controller Regarding Feedback and Appeals


For a while now, there have been many topics on the forum with questions and confusion on how to appeal a violation or how to get in contact with a controller regarding their service. This tutorial will cover the different methods on how to locate a controller and how a violation appeals will work.

For the purposes of this tutorial, @DeerCrusher and I created a scenario where a pilot would be reported. He was open at KMIA as approach and I requested for an ILS approach. He gave me a vector in which I put into my autopilot but then I received a level 3 violation for not following ATC assigned heading, altitude, or speed.

What do I do now?

If you feel that the violation was issued incorrectly or unjustly, you will need to send a PM to the controller who reported you in order to get an explanation and to start the appeals process. Do not make a topic. If you are below trust level 1 on the forum and cannot directly PM the controller, a PM can be opened with @appeals instead.

How do I find who reported me?

There are multiple ways to find your controller. Click on each one of the drop downs for more information on each method:

Method 1: Violation Notification

The first way to see who reported you is from when you first received the violation. In the picture below, this or a similar notification advising you that you reported by a controller. You will see what level violation you received, the reason for that violation, and who reported you. Keep in mind controllers resort to issuing violations as the final straw. Kindly approach the controller and/or appeals to better understand why the violation was issued.

Violation Notification

Method 2: Checking Logbook

The second way is to check your logbook. Shown in the picture below, you will see who reported you and the reason for the violation. Your logbook can be found in the menu/home page of the Infinite Flight app on the left side of your screen.

Checking Logbook for controllers name

Method 3: Checking Replay

The third way to find who reported you is to check your replay. From there you will need to click on the “states” tab to get information from your flight. According to the picture below, you will see the frequency in which you were tuned (COM 1 Name) and the controller’s username (COM 1 ATC Name).

Please note: The replay must be toggled at a time of when you were on the controllers frequency for it to display the controllers username on the “states” tab.

Searching for controllers name under “STATES” tab

Before Contacting the Controller

Before staring a violation appeal, look at the reason for your violation and then check your replay to see if that reason is consistent with your replay. For example, I was reported for not following the assigned heading and altitude. I was told to turn right heading 090° and to climb and maintain 3000 feet. According to the picture above, on the states tab, my autopilot was set to follow that instruction before I was reported. Now I know that I need to make an appeal since I was following the assigned heading and altitude assignment.

Contacting the Controller

As of version 20.2, the display name in the app is directly linked to that pilot or controller’s username on the Infinite Flight forum. All IFATC controllers are required to have a forum account and to display it whenever controlling.

According to the methods listed above, I was reported by “DeerCrusher”. In order to contact him, search their name under the “users” tab and click on their account shown below.

The “Users” tab can be located on the forum by hitting the hamburger icon in the top right corner → in the new screen, click “Users” → from here, search up the controllers username and contact them.

Controller Profile

The Appeal

Although you may be upset with the violation issued, your first message to the controller must be respectful and in a calm manner. Do not forget that they are customers of Infinite Flight, just like you and should be treated like any other person behind a screen. An example of an appropriate first message is shown below:
Example Appeal message

The controller will respond to your message when they are free. Only one message is needed until the controller responds which should be the initial message only. If the violation is to be reversed, the @appeals group will be added to the PM. The appeals group will have the final say in whether the violation will stand or whether it will be reversed. The rest of the process will be shown below:


Thank you for reading this tutorial. I hope that this helps in regards to shining a light on the appeals process and how to get in contact with a controller for whatever reason necessary. Please ask any further questions you may have below. Happy landings!

Special thanks to @DeerCrusher, @infiniteflight_17 and @Balloonchaser for assisting with the making of this tutorial.


Very helpful tutorial, hope many users refer to it!

What I’m really wanting to know is: Did deer actually ghost you for this thread?


Yes but it was removed immediately after


Amazing tutorial. This will definitely help remove tons of clutter of these who reported me topics. Thanks Drrrrrrumer!!

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Great tutorial! Hopefully others utilize it.

And uh oh, looks like you’ll be on the Training Server for a week ;)


This is great!

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Well done @Drummer, @infiniteflight_17, @DeerCrusher & @Balloonchaser for making this tutorial easy to understand for the members of IFC.
This should be listed as a headnote everytime a member complain or wish to appeal a violation


Thank you for the kind words! An approach I suggested we take is from the standpoint of someone who doesn’t know the forum at all so it can be easy to understand for everyone. Glad it payed off!

Oh this is an excellent tutorial. Much needed!!

(PS: I didn’t even know there was a “States” mode on replays! Thanks for letting me know!)


It’s a newer feature actually. Introduced in 20.2. 😄

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Yessssss! Perfect Job Drummer! Love this tutorial

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For the record… if you’re ever reported by me. That’s both a good and a very bad thing.

Good: You got a violation from yours truly. You should screenshot and savor the moment.

Bad: Likely you did something not so good. 😬


That’s a really fantastic work! The question arises ever so often here on the IFC and now instead of having to come up with something that really answers the question at hand this topic will be there to link and will help all users to solve violation issues.
Thank you so much to everyone involved, bookmarked!

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😂 😂. Hasn’t happened to me yet.



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No IFC User Accounts/IF Accounts were affected in this tutorial.


I volunteered my IF grade table for the purposes of this tutorial 😂


Great tutorial! I’m sure this will help a lot of people! I still, however, wish to provide my thoughts as I feel that some things could be improved:

  1. I think you should have chosen a scenario where the pilot actually made a mistake as 99% of all reports are justified. This would also have been a good example to show that sometimes you can have your violation reversed even if it was given for good reason, simply because you handled the situation in a calm and mature way.

So you say you’re gonna show an example of how to send a message to the controller, but instead you send a message to appeals…
I mean, I think it would have been better if you had contacted the controller and asked him personally why he reported as this would be a more realistic scenario. (You’ll most likely contact the controller instead of appeals as he can specifically what your mistake was).


Let me now tell you my side.

  1. Like I said in my tutorial, if the report was justified, it wouldn’t make sense to make an appeal correct?

  2. I sent a message to DeerCrusher but he is a moderator. Once he added appeals, which he is a member of, it put him there. That’s how that worked. Look at the screenshot. Deer invited appeals

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Thanks for the feedback Philippe. Topic will be unchanged and will remain as is.