How to find airline gate assignments

Hi everyone!

I’m working on creating a fly out at LOWW, but I need to figure out what airlines operate at what specific gates. Does anyone know the best place to figure this out?

Also I’m not sure if this should go in #live or #real-world-aviation


Searching XXXX airport terminals or XXXX airlines list or something similar usually works.

You can also look at Flightradar24 and see the general parking areas of some airlines.


Thanks I’ll look at that link now!

If that doesn’t work, a quick google search always works.

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I tend to use wikipedia!

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Adding on what has been said: In Europe the parking allocation isn’t that strictly limited to a single airline, but gates are often used by many different partner airlines. In Vienna Austrian and Lufthansa + SWISS as well as other airlines share common terminal + parking (as far as I am aware). But looking at the departure Bord can help for current departures as well.

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Yes it’s much more simple here in the US

For events yes, but for pax our system has benefits as well (shorter connection times within Star Alliance for example).

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Yes I have traveled in Europe and it’s a much better system

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