How to Find a Route to Fly

Format inspired by Your Guide to Finding an IFATC, made by @Zachary.
I know there is a blog topic about this, but I think no one has been looking at it lately, and this takes a more detailed look at the theme.

How to Find a Route to Fly


OpenFlights (The image is from 2014 so some routes are missing)

Topic Purpose

This tutorial will teach you how to find routes to fly, since I have recently seen a lot of topics asking routes to fly on the IFC.

Infinite Flight Resources

Route Databases on the IFC

The first way to find routes to fly are the route databases on the IFC, which are often very complete with routes to fly with a specific plane and livery!




These are the ones I could find, but there may be more!

Route Suggestions on the IFC

Another way that is similar to the Route Databases are the Route Suggestions! They contain more generalized routes not containing a specific airline or aircraft. Also, they may contain a specific type of route!


Route suggestions on the Infinite Flight Blog

Another way to find routes to fly is looking at the “top 5 routes” topics in the Infinite Flight Blog!



Third Party Resources


FlightRadar24 is a flight tracking app. To find a route, you just select a plane and it shows the route which it is doing.


FlightMapper is a website in which you select places in the map and it detects real life routes close to those places. It contains almost all commercial flights worldwide.


FlightConnections is a website that shows all commercial routes worldwide, and you can filter the routes shown with airport and airline, to find the best route for you.


FlightsFrom is a website that, just like FlightConnections, shows all commercial routes worldwide from a specific airport after filtering it. Suggested by @GameBoy_KIRB.

Google Flights

Google Flights is a website made to book flights, but it also has a feature that you only choose the departure city and the website shows all commercial routes worldwide from it. It also shows the prices, which are unnecessary for Infinite Flight. Suggested by @TheAviationGallery .


FlightAware is a website that, just like FlightRadar24, is a flight tracking app, where you can select planes and it shows their routes. Suggested by @Stellar_G.


FlightStats is a website in which you can find routes from specific airports by searching them. Suggested by @ToasterStroodie.

Antipodes Map

Antipodes Map is a website that shows the antipodes (location on the opposite side of the Earth). It is useful for planning 20 hour or greater flights. Suggested by @Stellar_G.

Worldwide Virtual

Worldwide Virtual is a website in which after you create an account, it gives you a flight randomizer with options to select airline, aircraft, and/or the airports, and after you select it, it gives you suggested routes. You have to select at least two options from the four. Suggested by @hardlanding_hussain.


FPLtoIF is a website containing many things related to Infinite Flight, including server stats, and many other things. What helps to find a route to fly in FPLtoIF is it’s Random Flight Generator, where you can choose the duration of the flight and aircraft model, and it gives you a random route.


RadarBox is a website that, just like FlightRadar24 and FlightAware, is a flight tracking app, where you can select planes and it shows their routes. Suggested by @feitidede.


Suggesting other options is recomended and highly appreciated!

Hope you guys liked this topic and use it to find routes to fly in the future!


Nice tutorial! This will definitely be very helpful and hopefully avoid the countless “where should I fly to” topics.

Glad my topic format helped you out as well!


Thats the main reason I created the topic! Hope it helps!


Does this Website count?

Since it also shows routes from what airports like FlightConnections does

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Thanks @GameBoy_KIRB I will add it

Do add Google Flights too. It is a great resource and I’ve been using it to find flights for quite a while.


@GBKarp Nice tutorial! You should also add , thats where I get the callsign for my flight; it also shows you all flights from any two airports. It’s very useful!

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@Stellar_G Will add it

@TheAviationGallery has been added


Nice work. FlightStats isn’t a bad option to have either added to the list either. It lets you find flights quite easily, and you can find all the flights leaving and arriving at a chosen airport.

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@ToasterStroodie will also be added

This is my favorite one :) I use it all the time

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All the suggestions were added! Thanks for everyone who sent them! Feel free to send more!

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@GBKarp I know this is weird, but when I want to try to fly a 20h+ route, I use to find the antipode of my destination so i can do the longest route actually possible. (Note most antipodes are in the sea)

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will add it

Edit @Stellar_G it has been added

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I love google flights because not only does it give you all airlines for that route, it also gives you the stopovers, time and even the exact type of aircraft they’re operating that route on!

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Yes it is really good!

Already a topic on this.

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He mentioned that. This was also moderator approved, hence it being in this category.

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Thanks for your post! I cited its existence in the start of the post!

In addition, the post got approved and proofread, so the moderators are letting it.

Thanks @Zachary @Stellar_G

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