How To Find A Gate?

Just google “Airport name terminals airlines”

@TwinsRock88 this is good at figuring out what gate you are in IF. (I know this isn’t exactly what you asked, but I figured it might help).

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When I don’t usually know I use google for example for KLAX for delta I’d put Delta gates at Los Angeles or LAX/KLAX I have a look through and then find where I could park.

It’s not every airport, but it has so many, I use this as well. Someone in IF put this file in here, it’s pretty awesome. You will have to do a bit of googling to find out exactly which gate you should be at, but this will help you taxi to the gate. It’s pretty awesome.

I keep this drive starred for easy access when looking for it.


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Correct. It has most major airports. It really is a great resource when you are taxiing to a gate or controlling.

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Here is the original feed. It’s super useful.


Thank you soo much guys!

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This was usless for me as a smartphone user until I changed the orientation of my phone, then that sidebar thing pops up. Thanks @Cbro4!


American can use half of the T-Gates (T9 and up), half of the C-Gates (C29 and below), and the F-Gates (rarely for international). I know this because I always fly out of Atlanta. Primary source.

A little bit of D and 1/4 of T

Southwest has half of C not American.

Uh, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an American Eagle plane bound for Charlotte in the C Gates…

Although I could be wrong.

What usually works for me is searching up the specific terminal/concourse I’m looking for and compare it with what I see in Infinite Flight or my airport diagram.

For example, if I want to find the gate for Jetblue 19, I will look up the flight in FlightAware:

We can see that the flight arrives at Gate 36, so now we’ll find that gate. To do this, I search up the airport name with the terminal/concourse letter. Since FlightAware doesn’t give us the terminal letter, we will just search up “KSAN gates”. Switch to images, and you will see maps of the gates with the terminal number and gates. You may need to play around with the wording to find what you’re looking for, but for this example, our search works fine. And here’s the gate!

This map comes from which has terminal maps for airports if you look under “Maps and Directions” and hit “Terminal Maps” on the site. Once I have my gate number and the shape of the terminal it’s in, I’ll go into free cam and look for it at the airport in the sim. This method has worked great for me as opposed to hoping the airport diagram will be generous enough to offer gate numbers and not just terminals. Hope this helped, glad to see someone who is taking more steps to be realistic

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Flying within the UK? NATS is good for NOTAMS, charts etc all free of charge…

Within here you can find Parking/Stand numbers and location.

I live in Marietta and I LyftinUber and do the airport runs and the ATL airport is getting even bigger with plans for a 6th runway. The planned 6th runway will run right through the current rideshare staging All the construction and remodeling is playing havoc with ground transpo at the moment


Every time I’ve flown AA out of ATL it’s been from Terminal T.

This info can ALWAYS be changing. Here is my source data. Of course you are always welcome to park anywhere you like at any airport. :)


You should just Google it. I always put in the search bar "Terminals in Los Angelas Airport or KLAX. Try it, it should work. I have done it lots of times.

I use flight aware and use Google Maps as a reference. Google Maps works very well when trying to find the right gate.

Ah, data is outdated. You can tell because now there is no AirTran, and there is concourse F. Also, Hooters Air is now defunct (that airline was a shame), so I can assume the data there is at best 11 years old. But you are right about the changing thing, airlines always change their gates…