How To Find A Gate?

Hello, I am currently flying to KATL and I am trying for the first time to figure out which terminal American Airlines uses but I don’t know where to find all the terminal stuff such as, International, Domestic, Airline Gates, etc. Can someone lead me to a place where I can find this out?

This should help!


I usually use the diagrams and guess. lol

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@William_Armstrong I am already on that. What I need is to know which terminal American Airlines uses and such.

Ahh ok. One moment. Standby.

I am fairly certain they use T1-T14. That is the majority of all airlines except Delta.


This should do the trick

K thanks But in general for other flights how would I find this out?

Google is your friend here buddy ;)


Look up KATL gates. That willl bee fine

Just google “Airport name terminals airlines”

@TwinsRock88 this is good at figuring out what gate you are in IF. (I know this isn’t exactly what you asked, but I figured it might help).

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When I don’t usually know I use google for example for KLAX for delta I’d put Delta gates at Los Angeles or LAX/KLAX I have a look through and then find where I could park.

It’s not every airport, but it has so many, I use this as well. Someone in IF put this file in here, it’s pretty awesome. You will have to do a bit of googling to find out exactly which gate you should be at, but this will help you taxi to the gate. It’s pretty awesome.

I keep this drive starred for easy access when looking for it.


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Correct. It has most major airports. It really is a great resource when you are taxiing to a gate or controlling.

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Here is the original feed. It’s super useful.


Thank you soo much guys!

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This was usless for me as a smartphone user until I changed the orientation of my phone, then that sidebar thing pops up. Thanks @Cbro4!


American can use half of the T-Gates (T9 and up), half of the C-Gates (C29 and below), and the F-Gates (rarely for international). I know this because I always fly out of Atlanta. Primary source.

A little bit of D and 1/4 of T