How to file a flight plan in the professional manner?

I am not able to understand how to properly file a flight plan.
Can anyone help me?

If you use a website to generate one like if you copy it, go into game, start a flight and before you push back go to search, paste your flight plan in there, and there will be an option that says add to flight plan, if not you have to go through and manually select the fixes and add them to your flight plan


I highly suggest using because is accounts for winds


thanks a lot for your help

No problem, any time!

If you want to make FPL in like a very professional manner, I would recommend going through aerodrome charts, SIDs and STARs, and making a FPL using
I am looking to make a tutorial on how to make FPLs using Sky Vector so stay tuned :)

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My order.

  • to check on winds and other weather data

  • to generate flight plans

  • to decode the fpl (this can also be used to generate flight plans from simbrief, though with less autonomy than simbrief itself)

  • Search for charts by typing the ICAO onto google or for US airports, provides some very good and upto date charts.

2 Likes automatically factors in winds into the flight plan

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Yeah. I meant checking the winds in this case so as to custom pick a route with the highest tailwinds/lowest headwinds.

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Thanks everyone for your help!

SimBrief does this automatically, adjusting it’s chosen route to take advantage of tailwinds/minimal headwinds. It does the same for the altitudes and step climbs. I understand why you choose to do it, but it’s not really necessary.
I don’t know if fpltoif does the same though, but personally I choose not to use it anyway due to Infinite Flight’s iffy aircraft weights not being the same as in SimBrief.

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Use when you filed ICAO Arrival/Departure in Tags type Real/Commercial.

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Simbrief gives one a variety of routes. Some routes especially the less popular ones barely feature more than one flight plan necessitating the creation of a new flight plan from scratch. But I get you.

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