How To File A Flight Plan (FPL)

Is it Monday again already?

For this week’s tutorial, I thought that I would go over on how to file a Flight Plan. Now I’m sure that most of you may already know how to do this but I know that there are several of our newer members that do not know how to file one so hopefully this will add some clarity to what the symbols mean and how to file a FPL.
Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments.

Happy and Safe Landings!

Click the link to view the video tutorial!


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You have to manually change the heading. Currently we don’t have LNAV.

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You have to fly yourself, AP doesn’t follow the FP. IF is to fly, not to see the plane fly by himself… By the way, welcome to the IF community!
Check the tutorials, practice on solo and have fun! If you have any questions feel free to ask, no one borns knowing all!

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Thanks, you cleared it up for me. I was under the impression that AP got you where you wanted to go and pilot took over and landed at destination. I can see I have a lot of practice ahead of me. Been watching too many movies where they would set the AP and leave the cabin.😴

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Thank you so much, Mark. This video has helped me create even more realistic flight.

I used to think those lines meant nothing, but now I understand.

Keep up and Good flights!

Thanks very much! @Massimo_Murgida

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What if theres no waypoint near the localiser and the bearest waypoint is like 16nm how does thge flight plan look like

I think that in that case, you should fly VFR,from last waypoint to the localisator.


@anon31652286: I think is a very good point. Many times I spawn on the expert server and start to plan my flight when somebody is spawning on me and won’t move. Then I get out and respawn in another stand but I have to restart all over again. Blue skies

I like to fly VFR until I can call inbound to the destination airport. Sometimes the ATC will ignore you

Thanks bro👍👍👍

Hi @Mark_Denton, I just watched the flight plan tutorial and had a question. How do I find someone else’s flight plan and copy it? Any help would be great. And this might make good material for a tutorial… Also listened to the live podcast last night you guys had me cracking up… Y’all keep up the good work! Hope in-flight assistant comes to Android… Kinda jealous! 😂

Go to the map view > click an aircraft > click on the dialog box that appears above their aircraft icon > on the left, you’ll see another small menu apppear > on the bottom right of that menu, you’ll see “Copy FPL”; click that, and you’re set!

Hope this helps. ;)


I know that feeling Mark.

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Wow! So simple… Thanks so much…👌

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Your FP will give you distances for each leg (it’s preferable to form a flight plan that goes way point to way point, rather than strictly airport to airport). You should be at the entrance to the cone around 3000 ft AGL. Use some math to determine how far you need to descend at a reasonable rate of descent. You should also be slowing down as you near the airport. If you lock your approach to the intended runway, there will also be a triangle on the vertical altitude indicator in the upper right of the HUD which will indicate whether you are above where you need to be based on the distance from the touchdown stripes.

If I spawn at a super busy KLAX, with a gate to takeoff time of over 20 mins, I usually ask for my push back and taxi clearance as soon as possible so I can hopefully reduce my time on the ground. When I do this, I file my FPL either waiting behind a dozen other planes holding short, or during my taxi.