How to Features Category

As I see a bunch of new people in the IFC with great ideas to make Infinite Flight better I thought it would be good to make little template of what to make your thread look like and to execute your idea properly. Here is what’s recommended you should do in the features category.

Introduction to your idea

Put a introduction to your idea here the introduction can include what the topic is about.

How will it work?

Put a brief description of how your idea will work how complicated it is and what it will do.

Why is it necessary?

As all ideas come you should put a brief description of why it is necessary, because what is the point of a feature request that won’t benefit IF in any way?

Why should you vote for it

Put a brief description here of why people should vote for your topic.


Put a conclusion for all your ideas here.

Thanks for reading.
Hope you found this helpful! :)


I think that’s a good idea! But in my opinion it should only be a start. You should be able to decide for yourself how to set up your feature request. But it’s a great Guide!


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