How To Farm Landings

Here I will teach you the best and most efficient strategy at farming landings quickly to advance up 1-2 grades in 1 single day. This strategy will work for all grade levels. I hope you will find this very helpful.

This is for people who play regularly but not so extreme to the extent that they are grade 5. This strategy will teach you how to become grade 5. But anyone from any category can also use this.

At high grade levels, the main problem is landings in the past 90 days and possibly violations.

Requirements for advancing up grades assuming you are a regular player and already have the basic stats:
Landings in last 90 days (you can achieve this by farming landings)
Flight time in last 90 days (fly long hauls frequently)
Landings/violations ratio in last 90 days (will be solved automatically by farming landings)
Violations in the last week (be careful and don’t get violations)

Requirements for landings:
30 seconds airborne time before the last landing
Touchdown on a runway
One main gear on the ground
Above 10 knots

Here is the best and most efficient strategy to farm landings:

Use a light plane, like a cessna. Set the weight to very light, with fuel for around 1 hour and nothing else. Load will be under 10%.

Choose a suitable airport. It will be more efficient if you follow these requirements:

  • 2 or more parallel runways
  • Runways are close together
  • Long runways
  • No wind (under 5 knots) - this makes control of the aircraft easier, therefore farming more efficient
  • Maximise the length of parallel overlap (meaning the length of which both runways are running next to one another. An airport like EGLL has 100% overlap, whereas an airport like OMDB does not because the ends of the runway go over each other, so the distance which both runways are running next to each other is reduced)

You should have next to you: a clock which counts seconds.
Place this clock next to your device so you don’t need to turn your head and can quickly look at it and back at the device.

  1. Takeoff and on the second your wheels lift off, look at the seconds on the clock. Add 30 seconds to calculate your touchdown time. During these 30 seconds, fly low altitude right above the runway at a slow speed, the slower the better. Time your plane to touchdown 31 seconds after liftoff (to make sure 30 seconds have passed so the landing will count).

  2. Continue this process flying over the runway at low altitude and low speed (around 50 knots). Maintain good control of the plane (so you do not accidentally touchdown or crash), you may want to use some flaps or adjustments which you will need to get used to yourself. If you do it well, you should be able to get 3-4 touchdowns per runway length.

  3. When you arrive at the end of the runway, do a sharp 180 degree turn to line up with the second runway. You should have looked at the seconds on your clock and calculated the touchdown time on this second runway. Do the same on this runway, getting around 3-4 touchdowns before reaching the end.

You are allowed to touchdown slightly late if you are not able to precisely touchdown on the calculated second but you CANNOT touchdown 1 millisecond early or the landing will not count.

You may want to adjust flaps or adjust the speed which you fly over the runways, those minor adjustments depend on you getting used to the feeling of flying and maintaining control without accidentally touching down and wasting landings and time.

A player with high skill level should be able to farm landings with a delay of 5-10 seconds for each landing. This means the rate of landings will occur on average every 35-40 seconds. If you want to farm 100 landings, it will take you 3500-4000 seconds which is 58-67 minutes, around an hour. This is the most efficient way to farm landings.

You may want to end the session every 20-30 minutes to check your progress and see how many landings are still required and to reduce risk of some malfunction.

Remember not to get violations or you will have to wait 7 days before going up the grade. This strategy should work for everyone and anyone can do this with practice.


Thank you for the useful information.

Actually, another way is to set one of the values of the bottom bar to “landings”. That way, you’ll see if the landing is counted or not real time.


KEDW is the perfect airport to farm landings. (Did 120 landings in 1:30 once).

A 30000ft Runway
7-8 long runways
Runways are intersecting (can make turns)


Honestly, do that, but also end the session. You may “lose” one landing (bc you have to start another flight and it will add one online flight to your ratio) but you don’t want an app crash and to possibly lose all of them.

Nice guide, I’ve personally used this method before and it works beautifully.


This is a pretty cool guide, and for a long time I’ve been using something similar to this hence why I have over 3000 landings to my name. It’s pretty efficient and its nice to see your numbers rocket after this as well.

Cool guide by the way! Never managed to really figure out the proper stats and quantities related to farming landings.

A few things I’d like to add if I may:

  1. Always go to Casual server. Don’t ever want to accidentally get a violation and this is where it is most appropriate to do this.
  2. Go to and find an airport with strong direct headwinds. This combined with the landings will also help you earn XP.
  3. The XCub is a fantastic choice to do what you describe as ‘low altitude and low speed’ flying, especially with a strong headwind.
  4. Have fun!

Just remember, 90 days after you farm those landings, that same number will be taken away 🙃


Why would anyone want to farm landing, I prefer to enjoy the experience every time I land or do pattern work


It’s a no-brainer really. The only way to beat the grade system is by flying a lot.


Yep, it’s a great way to keep users active rather then getting Grade 5 in the matter of a week, then leaving for a year and coming back.


yeah i try to fly more constantly but sometimes it just doesnt work you know, and when that happens we can farm landings

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I agree. I “farm” by doing nightly pattern work on the expert server with our brilliant ATC. I usually get six to seven quality landings in 30 minutes. I find this work has made me a great greaser/butterer of runways.

I needed this thank you

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