How to Fake filling an Airport

I have recently learned a technique from @Captain_Zen about how to fake a “fill the airport” shot. I think the guide I have provided below will give users of IF the chance to make creative and fun combinations of aircraft at airports that don’t usually get much attention on Live.

Step 1: Download “Procreate”
Procreate is a professional digital art app for iOS. Just search for in on the AppStore. (Yes I’m sorry, but you’ll have to pay up).

Step 2: Go to an airport of your choice. For this tutorial, I will be using LXGB (Gibraltar).

Step 3: Find a “Point of reference”. This will be the point in which you should be directly above for each shot, and will help you get a better looking shot.

Step 4: Make sure you are directly above the “Point of reference” and take your first shot with your first chosen aircraft.

Step 5: Load the photo into Procreate. (Click photo to see button to press)

Step 6: Take more shots, with the free cam in the same spot (it may help you to have cam location on the bottom bar). Once done, crop these images so the photo borders wrap round the plane tightly.


All these images should be in the next parking space along from the last picture taken.

Step 7: Put it all together!

Bish, bash bosh! Your photo will be constructed in no time. Just remember to be careful when placing down the cropped photos over the parking spaces as even the slightest wrong adjustment can ruin the image.

Tell me what you guys all think of my 1st tutorial!


I Have done Thisbe type of thing in pro create before, also by the way, pro create is definitely worth it if you were wondering


I 100% agree. It’s like photoshop for iPad


I’d just like to add a bit to the post.
You really need to check the position with the camera position coordinates down in the info bar. If not, when you’re photoshoping it will take you a lot longer.

This technique I came up with yesterday (people already probably used it, but I didn’t know that and still don’t know for sure) is especially handy, because you don’t need to spend time eliminating a pixel at a time. All you need to do is make a rectangle around the plane and make sure that if there is a plane behind you need to see, that you eliminate every pixel that would cover the plane behind.

Also you don’t need to get a really sophisticated app. I used adobe photoshop and it’s free.

This is what I made and it took me 10 minutes. (Wich is nothing, considering that I’m still learning how to photoshop simple things…)

(Actually the one in the mountains took a bit more than 10 minutes, because I had made a mistake and had to basically restart twice…🤦‍♂️)


For me, the coordinates aren’t accurate enough.

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For the height. Sorry I didn’t say it properly… anyway it’s easier to find something on ground instead.

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Very nice!

I do this in Photoshop Mix for free, if anyone was wondering.

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I made another a bit more complicated one! If someone spots mistakes in it please tell me.


Is this app on Android

We have to do that for OMDB :o, that will be nice !
(In Geneva,Zurich first ;) )


Shouldn’t this be in #tutorials?

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The first one I sent was in Geneva. Although filing the whole airport would probably be really hard. It isn’t really the photoshoping part, but where would you take the pictures from? How will you manage to see all airport at once? And also lots of planes will look so small it’s useless putting them…

If you find a good camera position and angle I can try. (I like Geneva Airport as I live there😉)

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I put this in #tutorials… seems like this should go there.

It’s also an incredibly helpful post. In fact, a few days ago I was wondering “Gee, I wish I could fill an airport without having a million people there…” With this tutorial, I’m sure it will be easier for me to do that. Thanks a lot! 😊

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Aren’t we supposed to not move a topic for someone that can’t post there. He’s only trust level 2, and he would have needed to be trust level 3.

I might be wrong…

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Ah ok. Moved it back to #general. Thanks @Captain_Zen

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Yes I had seen that was in Geneva :p, I only wanted to talk about this place lol.

(Oh don’t need to do for the moment ! :p)


So THIS is what @Mark_Denton uses for the FNF pics…


We should have 1 person on freecam, one person who repeatedly spawns in different parking slots with different aircraft. That way the camera will always be in the same place.

You can tell the gate aprons are messed up 😂 … Great tutorial though!

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I know, not the best shot. However, it is my first tutorial